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With Discord's massive 196.2 million monthly users and an average US user spending over 280 minutes a month, the conversation never stops. It's where 19 million active servers, thrive weekly.

Our AI-driven tool plugs you directly into this vibrant network, giving you the edge to lead the dialogue and shape trends in real-time. Don't just join the buzz—drive it with Rizely.


Who's This For?

Who's The Discord Listening Tool For?

In the dynamic realm of web3, where swift movement is essential, you're already in motion. Just as you race forward, so do we. Our web3 telegram listener becomes your assurance of staying engaged in every conversation. Whether you're a founder, marketer, investor, or researcher, our tool ensures you're always up to speed, eliminating the risk of being out of the loop. Embrace the web3 telegram listener today and stay ahead.

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Real stories from real people who are killing it in the web3 space thanks to our tool

Rizely's Discord Listening Tool transformed the way we engage with our community. The real-time alerts on development discussions allow us to address concerns immediately, fostering trust and loyalty in our tech-savvy audience.

Aanya Patel Blockchain Developer

Staying on top of community sentiment is critical for our project's success. Rizely's tool not only helps us listen but also understand the undercurrents of our community's discussions, shaping our strategy and product development.

Ethan Nguyen Web3 Startup Founder

As an artist in the NFT space, community feedback is gold. Rizely's tool helps me capture the buzz around my work on Discord, giving me the edge to create more resonant art and engage genuinely with my supporters.

Mia Zhou NFT Artist

In the fast-paced DeFi world, information is currency. Rizely's Discord Listening Tool gives me an information advantage by alerting me to trending discussions, allowing me to advise clients with the latest community insights.

Liam Smith DeFi Consultant

Managing multiple Discord channels was overwhelming until I started using Rizely's tool. It helps me stay a step ahead, ensuring I never miss critical feedback or partnership opportunities. It's like having an extra set of eyes and ears!

Sophie Turner Crypto Community Manager

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The Rizely Discord Listening Tool seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, providing alerts and insights directly where you need them, whether it’s a CRM, email, or a project management tool.

Absolutely. You can tailor the tool to monitor specific channels or servers that are most relevant to your interests and objectives in the web3 space.

Rizely provides comprehensive support including a dedicated helpdesk, in-depth tutorials, and a community forum for peer-to-peer assistance.

The tool provides near real-time data, ensuring you receive updates as conversations happen, giving you the edge to respond promptly.

Rizely offers scalable solutions with different plans to cater to your keyword tracking needs, from a handful to hundreds of keywords.

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