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Your Complete Web3 Growth Engine

Welcome to a world where every message on Telegram opens up a new opportunity. Our Rizely Telegram Listener is here to make your Web3 journey smoother and smarter. It's time to turn those chats into actionable insights and real growth.

Telegram Command Center

Monitor unlimited Telegram groups in real time with customizable alerts and keywords. Uncover leads, understand conversations, and protect your brand reputation.

Intelligent Listener

Stay ahead of Telegram trends, analyze competitor activity, and gain invaluable insights into your target audience.


Drip Campaign Automation

Manage Telegram chats, streamline outreach, and build relationships – all without risking bans. Scale your efforts with unlimited accounts and auto-rotation.

Lead-Focused CRM

Seamlessly track leads, manage your Telegram pipeline and use customer data to fuel your Web3 growth strategy.

Dedicated Support

Our 24/7 global customer support team ensures you get the most out of Rizely's focused Telegram toolkit.

A word from Rizely’s founder,
Our Vision, Your Advantage

We built Rizely out of frustration. Web3 was moving too fast, information was scattered, and valuable opportunities were slipping by. Rizely brings clarity, focus, and the power to seize those opportunities.

Sarah Wilson

Marketing Director
GalaxyVerse NFTs

Rizely has been a game-changer for our NFT project. Their Listener tool helps us track community sentiment, spot potential collaborations, and even find new buyers.  It’s like having an extra team member dedicated to Telegram!

Liam Parker

Business Development Lead
DeFi Solutions Inc.

Before Rizely, managing Telegram outreach was a nightmare of manual work and risky tactics. Now, we automate with confidence, and our CRM keeps lead data organized. Rizely’s saved us time and helped close more Web3 deals.

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Why Choose us?

Without Rizely

  • Manual searches across groups, limited keywords, missed mentions
  • Reactive approach, lost opportunities
  • Time-consuming, high risk of bans, difficult to scale
  • Slow response times, unaware of negative sentiment
  • Limited understanding of your audience
  • Disconnected data, inefficient lead tracking

With Rizely

  • Real-time alerts, unlimited keywords/groups, discover trends before they go mainstream
  • Proactive lead discovery, targeted outreach, capitalize on conversations
  • Automated drip campaigns, stay ban-free, reach a wider Web3 audience
  • Instant alerts on critical mentions, protect your brand image, address concerns proactively
  • Sentiment analysis, discover pain points, tailor your Web3 offerings
  • Centralized lead data, Telegram contacts synced, visualize your pipeline

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