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Rizely’s AI Listening Tool: A Game-Changer in the Web3 World

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In my 5-6 years in the Web3 industry, I’ve seen it all. It’s like a never-ending race, with new projects and ideas popping up every day. And in this whirlwind, I’ve noticed a big gap – the struggle to keep up with the sheer volume of conversations, especially on platforms like Telegram and Discord, the heart of the crypto world.

I’ve been in rooms with thousands of people, all buzzing about Web3. It’s like a big, exciting fair where everyone’s talking about the latest trends and ideas. There’s so much going on, and I want to catch every bit of it. 

But let’s be real – it’s tough. Even after carefully picking from the handful of quality events happening globally, planning, and spending a good amount of money to attend – 5 to 6 quality events annually, costing upwards of $10,000 – it’s still a challenge. You’re there, networking and soaking in insights, but once it’s over, you find out you’ve missed connecting with so many influential people who were there. That’s the real challenge of Web3 events – you’re there, yet you might miss vital connections.

The Turning Point

As someone who’s been in the thick of Web3, I noticed a gap: traditional tools just weren’t doing the trick. Even after joining so many groups and trying different tools, I wasn’t really getting the full value out of them. It felt like I was missing something important.

So, my team and I decided to do something about it. We took inspiration from existing tools but added our own twist, based on our first-hand experiences in Web3. And that’s how Rizely’s Telegram Listening Tool came to life.

Crafting the Tool with a Personal Touch

After using tools like, brand24, and meltwater for Web3 conversations, we realized something was missing. These tools, great for Web2, weren’t built for the unique needs of all Web3 projects. Web3 is all about the community, and we needed a tool that could give us insights from the very communities where our users were active.

That’s when Rizely was born. We took the good bits from these Web2 tools, added what we always wished we had, and voila – Rizely’s Listening Tool came to life. Rather than just hearing the general audience, we need a smart tool to listen to the relevant people and their conversations. Even in a group that matches your interests, there’s a lot being said. What’s important is tuning into the conversations that matter most to you.

The ROI Magic

Imagine this: Telegram has over 700 million users, buzzing with conversations around the clock. With our tool, tracking the right keywords can unveil hidden conversations crucial for your business. Say you’re monitoring a keyword that appears in 0.01% of all Telegram chats daily. That’s 70,000 conversations you could be tapping into!

Now, consider the cost aspect. Traditional tools like and Brand24 range from $49 to $249 per month. Let’s take the mid-range option, which costs around $99 per month. In comparison, Rizely’s tool, currently free in its initial phase, offers similar, if not more advanced, functionalities. Even when we eventually introduce our minimal subscription fee, it will be significantly lower than these existing tools.

So, here’s a simple breakdown:

Cost per conversation = Monthly Cost / Estimated Conversations  =99/7000 = $0.0141

With Rizely, during our no-fee phase, that cost is $0.00 – it’s free access to the same volume of insights! Even with a minimal future fee, the cost per conversation will remain substantially lower, offering you unmatched value and a tangible edge in the Web3

The Rizely Promise

Our Rizely AI Listening Tool revolutionizes how different Web3 profiles can engage with their communities, offering unique and innovative use cases:

  • Web3 Founders: Discover potential partnership opportunities and keep tabs on your team’s activities in various groups. Plus, you can check how well the influencers you’ve hired are engaging with your project. It’s a great way to see who’s talking about your work and how it’s being received.
  • Community Managers: Zoom in on specific keywords within your community to understand the ongoing discussions. This insight helps tailor your engagement strategies and address community concerns more effectively.
  • Crypto Investors: Stay ahead of the curve by spotting new project launches and upcoming tools first. This knowledge gives you an edge in making timely and informed investment decisions.
  • Blockchain Developers: Use the tool to uncover new job opportunities and gather diverse ideas for your projects. Set specific keywords to see what others in the field are discussing, which can spark new solutions and innovations.
  • Marketing Professionals: Leverage the tool to identify emerging trends and niche topics in the Web3 space. This insight allows you to create unique, targeted campaigns that resonate with specific segments of the Web3 community, setting your strategies apart from the mainstream.


Each of these use cases demonstrates the unique and versatile capabilities of Rizely’s AI Listening Tool, enabling various professionals in the Web3 space to tune into relevant conversations and make data-driven decisions.

Join Us on This Journey

As we kick off this journey, it’s important to acknowledge that there might be some initial bumps along the way. But with your continuous feedback, we’re committed to evolving and growing together. In Web3, staying in the loop is crucial, and with Rizely, you’re not just keeping pace; you’re setting the trend.

Ready to dive in? Join us for a demo call and see how Rizely can change the way you track Web3 conversations.. With your input and our tool, the path to success in Web3 becomes clearer and more attainable. Let’s start this thrilling ride together and watch the Web3 space unfold with new possibilities. 

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