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Rizely’s AI Listening Tool – Making Web3 Easy for Everyone

Rizely’s AI Listening Tool – Making Web3 Easy for Everyone

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Web3 is a world where things happen super fast. And with platforms like Telegram being the hotspots for all the crypto chatter, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Imagine a room full of people, all talking at once about all sorts of new and exciting things. If you’re trying to keep up with web3 and want to know what’s important, it’s like trying to listen to every person in that room.

Talking about web3 can be tricky. People use special words and they change all the time. If you’re a company, someone who invests money, or someone who influences others, you need to really get what people are talking about. You should know if people are saying good or bad things and what the most popular topics are.

Traditional tools to understand these trends don’t work that well anymore. They might tell you what people are saying, but not the whole story. It’s like having pieces of a puzzle but not knowing what the picture is supposed to look like.

Rizely's Solution: AI-Powered Listening

Rizely’s special Telegram Listening Tool, powered by AI, is a big help for anyone in web3, especially companies. This tool does more than just collect words; it helps you understand how people in the cryptocurrency world feel about your company.

Imagine a tool that tells you not just what people are saying, but also how they feel and what they’re really interested in. We help you see where your company stands in the always changing world of web3.

Who Can Use Rizely's Tool?

Different kinds of people can use this tool, each for their own reasons.

  • Founders and Entrepreneurs: Keep up with the latest trends, what your competitors are doing, and how people feel about things. Use this info to make smart choices and be a leader in your area.
  • Growth Marketers and Community Managers: Find out what your community is excited about. Learn how they react to your ideas and change your messages to connect better. This tool helps you build a stronger group.
  • Investors, Researchers, and Crypto Fans: See the whole market. Spot new trends, understand people’s feelings, and make smart decisions with the latest info. Stay on top of your investments and research.

Key Features of Rizely's Tool

Our tool has features that make learning about web3 fun and easy.

  • Comprehensive Coverage: We connect to over 8,563 Telegram groups/channels, so you see a big picture of what’s happening.
  • Smart Keyword Search: Find exactly what you need in all the messages, without anything extra.
  • All-Day Monitoring: We watch everything day and night, so you always know what’s new in web3.
  • Help from Experts: Our team of 10 smart people help you understand the information, like having a group of friends who know a lot about web3.

Why Trust Rizely's Listening Tools?

  • Fast and Real Info: In web3, you need to know things quickly. Our tool helps you get important info fast.
  • Easy to Use: We like keeping things simple. Our tool is easy for anyone to use.
  • Always Up-to-Date: Be great at talking and connecting with others, with the latest info in your hands.
  • Always Watching: As things in web3 keep changing, our tool keeps an eye on everything for you.

Listening in Action

Uber, a big car ride company, listened to what people said online when they made a new app in 2016. Lots of people talked about it on the internet, and Uber’s name was mentioned twice as much as before – from about 8,000-9,000 times to 16,000-22,000 times in just three weeks! Uber paid close attention to these talks and used the ideas from people to make their app even better. Because they listened so well, more people liked and shared their posts a lot more. This shows how listening can help a lot and that is exactly what Rizely does for brands those in web3. 

Stay Ahead with Rizely

In web3, where everything moves quickly, it’s really important to know what’s going on. Rizely’s Telegram Listening Tool is not just a new gadget; it’s like having a smart friend who helps you understand the busy world of web3. Use it to stay informed and ahead of others. Join us and make your journey in web3 even more exciting!

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